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Kitty Jellinek

Hi, my name is Kitty Jellinek I live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

I developed the “Guaranteed No Loss Gambling System” many years ago.

Until recently I have distributed the system off-line and got gratifying feedback from people who have used it.


The reason for publishing the “”Guaranteed No Loss Gambling System”  online is due to the results it has engendered off line for a lot of people since 1996.


Perhaps the best way to explain is to let you read the following – names have been replaced with “XXXX” for obvious reasons.

Dear Kitty,

I never thought that I would thank anyone for encouraging XXXX to keep gambling. As you know our marriage was on the rocks, not even the prospect of loosing our 4 year old son could get XXXX to stop putting his paycheck through the poker machines. Thanks to your system we are out of debt, I no longer have to nag and our relationship has never been better. XXXX still plays the pokies but he no longer has a gambling problem.

I want to apologize for my hostility towards you and your system when we first met. I know I must have come across as a real bitch, but I was over- whelmed by the futility of it all at the time. After trying to get XXXX to stop gambling for so long, I was fed up with all the broken promises and lies.

Now I am just so happy that I did not leave him as I had intended. Things have turned out so well, even my parents have a new – found respect towards him.

Thank you for your patience with me and giving us our lives back. I am forever grateful.


My “Guaranteed No Loss Gambling System is suitable for all forms of gambling games and sports betting – on and off-line.


Here’s cheers to you and lady luck.


Kitty Jellinek


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